Screw Chiller

  • Energy efficient air/water cooled compact chillers with Screw Compressor.
  • Chiller can be connected with multiple Moulding / Extrusion machines.
  • A seamless safety chain including function control of compressor, fan, pump and water filling level.
  • Freeze protection.
  • Disc / Bucket type filter for evaporator protection.
  • Step capacity control 25 to 100%
  • Unique compact Micro Controller with digital indication, function and fault details.
  • Capacity with Screw Compressor : 40TR to 350TR .
  • Bitzer,Germany make Screw Compressor with suction gas cooled and continuous capacity 
  • Overload protection for compressor.
  • High and Low pressure indication on display to safeguard compressor and refrigerant 
  • High volume, High pressure stainless steel impeller and housing pump with mechanical 
    seal for long life.
  • Large size shell and tube type evaporator made from copper tube.
  • Electronic expansion valve in refrigerant circuit to precisely control suction gas superheat 
    and improve chiller efficiency.
  • Online Disply Of Suction & Discharge Pressure, Inlet & Outlet water temperature, 
    Compressor % Loading in Our Controller.
  • All material used in water contact is corrosion proof.



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Prasad GWK Cooltech Pvt. Ltd.A Joint Venture with GWK Germany for manufacturing Chillers and Mould Temp. Controllers