Medium Speed Granulator & Shredder

  • Very wide range that gives solutions to all type of granulation needs.
  • Suitable for offline and online applications with blow, injection and extrusion machines.
  • Options like different cutter house width, rotor configuration, hopper design, rotor speed, conveying systems are available.
  • Clean double scissors cutting action and constant cutting circle, produce granules of uniform size with minimum dust even with tough plastic materials.
  • Less energy required to granulate due to true double scissor cutting action.
  • Ergonomic design of each model for easy accessibility in case of cleaning and maintenance.
  • Wide Range of Throughput:- 20 to 350 Kgs/hr.
  • Various Screen Sizes to suit granule size requirement. All reversible screens.
  • Open Rotor design in Rapid 20 series with Resharpenable blades.
  • Rapid 200 series with Supertangential cutterhouse to granulate bottles upto 150 mm dia.
  • Rapid 300 & 400 series with “Open Hearted Engineering” for ease in accessing.
  • screen, screen box and granule bin for cleaning & maintenance.
  • Safety interlock in each granulator for safe operation.
  • Various infeed configurations available for feeding HDPE/PVC pipes,profiles, Sheets,films and also for feeding by conveyor belt.
  • Granulators provided with blade presetting and resharpening fixtures in Rapid 300 & 400 series.(Optional)
  • Granulator provided with dust separating system to remove unusable dust from regrind.(Optional).
  • Powertech package and wear resistant execution available for tough application.


  • House Furniture / White Goods

    House Furniture / White Goods

  • Caps & Clouser

    Caps & Clouser

  • PVC Pipe-Fittings & Profile

    PVC Pipe-Fittings & Profile

  • Blow Moulding

    Blow Moulding

  • Sheet Plant & Thermo Forming

    Sheet Plant & Thermo Forming

  • Automotive


  • IBM


Prasad Machinery Pvt. Ltd.Technical collaboration with "Moditec-FRANCE for Online Slow Speed Granulators" and "Rapid-SWEDEN for Medium Speed Granulators and Shredders""