Often Injection Moulding shop is ignored for automation due to lesser throughput. Prasad Pnecon has introduced easy conveying solution to cater this segment. Connecting just 5-6 IMM with common blower can greatly benefit processors with machine productivity and reduce wastage.

Multiple recipes can be fed via manifold station. System can also be integrated with on-line colouring system for ultimate automation.

Whether you use pelletised granular or use directly compounded powder, multi colour change is quick & easy. Conveyor belt also can be introduced to shift on machine operation to central assembly area.


Bag Dumping Station Bag Dumping Station
Bulk Bag Unloader Bulk Bag Unloader
Pneumatic Conveying Pneumatic Conveying
Silo and Central Storages Silo and Central Storages
Batch Weighing Batch Weighing
Recipe Mixing Recipe Mixing
Liquid Dosing Liquid Dosing
Component & Accessories Component & Accessories
Controls & SCADA Controls & SCADA