PVC and CPVC Pipes are typically larger capacity. When formulation is the key to success, we make sure that your ingredients reach to extruder without human intervention in perfect homogeneous mixture.

Our modular control has advantage of starting with the simple system for PVC and CaCO3 auto batching and upgrading to full fledge automation at later stage. This ensures that even smaller customer can be competitive with minimum investment.

With automation we have introduced the concept of using one or two bigger mixer catering to multiple extruders with multiple recipes and colours. This has changed the face of Indian PVC industry.

Benefits & Technical Specifications

  • No spillage & Dusting

  • Easy recipe distribution

  • Highest conversion ratio

  • Lowest re-conciliation number

  • Installed over 300+ Mixers & 1500+ Extruders

  • Experience of handling 180 T/ Day

  • Expandable in future


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