Mould Temperature Controller

  • Precise Micro Controller
  • Simultaneous display of set and actual values.
  • Easy access to all units due to detachable covers.
  • All contact parts with water are made of non-corrosive materials.
  • Durable rubber coated castors.
  • Capacity upto 300º C (Oil based)
  • Capacity upto 140º C (Water based)
  • High volume, High pressure S.S. impeller pump with mechanical seal / Magnetic Coupling 
    for long life.
  • Pump motor has overload and short circuit protection.
  • Imported tubular heater with step heating to control precise temperature, saves power.
  • Large size cooling coil / brazed heat exchanger for quick cooling with solenoid valve.
  • Large size S.S. insulated tank.
  • Thermostat to safeguard Mould Temperature Controller from over heating.
  • Reverse function in pump to drain water/oil from mould with lowering of safe point 



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Prasad GWK Cooltech Pvt. Ltd.A Joint Venture with GWK Germany for manufacturing Chillers and Mould Temp. Controllers