Volumetric Dosing Mixing System

  • Patented unibody casting design and dosing roller technology.
  • Precise dosing to save costly master batches and additives.
  • Specially designed dosing station for regrind material.
  • Synchronized metering with main machine and homogeneous mixing.
  • Compact unit - easily mounted on barrel throat.
  • Multiple additives can be dosed in single system.
  • Quick material change & system cleaning - no tools required.
  • Wide range to suite any output requirement.
  • User friendly control.
  • System available from 20 kg/hour to 2000 kg/hour Output.
  • Aluminium alloys construction.
  • Main machine interface.                                       
  • Control: Microprocessor/PLC.
  • Stirrer: Cross arm for homogenous mixing.
  • Base material loading system:  Hopper loader.



  • Caps & Clouser

    Caps & Clouser

  • Blow Moulding

    Blow Moulding

  • Mono-Multi Filament Extrusion

    Mono-Multi Filament Extrusion

  • Sheet Plant & Thermo Forming

    Sheet Plant & Thermo Forming

  • IBM


  • House Furniture / White Goods

    House Furniture / White Goods


Modular conceptModular concept
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