Silo & Silo Feeding System

  • Made in Aluminium, Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel with coating.
  • Big Bag Unloading System for jumbo and small bag unloading.
  • Silo Feeding System - Pressure Conveying can be connected with multiple silos.
  • Diverter valve for multiple silos feeding with one feeding system.
  • Silo level monitoring system for inventory management.
  • Compatible with SCADA.
  • Silo capacity from 5 m3 to 100 m3.
  • Silo feeding system capacity: from 1 ton/hr. to 15 ton/hr.
  • Air Breather for aeration.
  • Ladder and safety railing on top.
  • Material high level sensor for auto cut-off for silo loading.
  • Viewing window at upper and bottom for level monitoring.



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