Dehumidified Air Dryer

  • Time tested & proven twin desiccant bed technology.
  • Most energy efficient design gives dew point up to -50ºC
  • Special design for PET and PET Flakes - integrated with inline crystallizer.
  • Easy setup - Suitable for on-line / Off-line drying.


    KKT series

    ALFA series

    25 m3/hr to 2500 m3/hr.

    25 m3/hr to 2500 m3/hr.

    Over-drying and under-drying protection.

    PLC with touch screen colour graphic display.

    Energy saving heat exchanger.

    Machine output based air flow control with VFD.

    Password protection - to prevent unauthorized access.

    Over-drying and under-drying protection.

    Microprocessor based Control with 4 Line Display.

    Energy saving heat exchanger.

    RS485 serial modbus connectivity for SCADA.

    Ethernet connectivity and 2 USB ports for printing various reports.

    Alarm history & Temp. log

    Complete system performance log-temperature profile and dew point.


    Password protection - to prevent unauthorized access.


    Idle drying bin isolation - through auto siver cut-off control.


    Operator log, alarm history and self machine check.

  • Capacity: 25 m3/hr to 2500 m3/hr.
  • PLC with touch screen colour graphic display.
  • Machine output based air flow control with VFD.
  • Over-drying and under-drying protection.
  • Energy saving heat exchanger.
  • Ethernet connectivity and 2 USB ports for printing various reports.
  • Complete system performance log-temperature profile and dew point.
  • Password protection - to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Idle drying bin isolation - through auto shiver cut-off control.
  • Operator log, alarm history and self machine check.



  • Engineering & Electricals

    Engineering & Electricals

  • PET


  • PET Single Stage Process

    PET Single Stage Process

  • PET Recycling & Box Straping

    PET Recycling & Box Straping

  • Automotive


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    Wire & Cable

  • Waste Recycling Solution

    Waste Recycling Solution

  • Mono-Multi Layer Blown Film Plant

    Mono-Multi Layer Blown Film Plant

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