Cable Compounding

  • Reduces rejection, spillage, wastage & man-power dependency
  • Can be easily integrated with all make of High speed Mixers-Coolers, Process Blenders & Cable compounding extruders.
  • Modular design for future expansions.
  • Completely dedicated controller for temperature based material discharge & mixing process.
  • European engineering delivered most suitably for India users.
  • Automatic recipe storage from PLC control.
  • Automatic recipe distribution and mistake proof controlling with electronic lock.
  • Bar-code based Sophisticated locking for mistake proof material storage.
  • Futuristic controls with batch to batch weight & Temperature logging & track of user activity
  • Complete data logging for break down analysis.
  • Suitable for PVC, CaCO3, wood Saw dust, Dolomite & Calcite.
  • Suitable for Mixers of 125 kg/ Batch to 5000 Kg/ Batch.
  • Can deliver material to extruders ranging from 500 kg/hr to 5000 kg/hr.
  • Raw material storage silos available from 5 M3 to 500 M3 capacity.
  • Recipe granules storage silos from 5 M3 to 100 M3 capacity.
  • 10 Inch controller size available.
  • Controller available with Mode-bus, Power-link, OPC UA/ DA, Profi-Net, Profi-bus for seam less integration possibilities.
  • Suitable for PVC, CaCO3, OT CaCO3, ATH bulk handling.
  • Liquid storage & dosing, weighing suitable for DOP, DINP, NPP, CPW, Tin.
  • Micro weighing available for all chemicals like, TiO2, wax, stabilizers, lubricants etc.


  • HT Cable

    HT Cable

  • PVC Wire

    PVC Wire


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