Extrusion Throughput Control System

  • Cutting edge technology - The EPC System monitors exact required throughput of extruder and controls whole extrusion process resulting in even thickness and better GSM control.
  • Controls individual extruder Output and ensures individual layer set thickness/GSM in multilayer extrusion.
  • Consistent through put saves expensive material by better GSM control.
  • Ideal for Multi Layer Film Plant, Pipe Plant, Calendering Line & coating line
  • Simplifies line start-up with minimal wastage.
  • Avoids scrap during job changeover.
  • Consistent production and quality.
  • Stainless Steel hopper.
  • B&R make PLC with inbuilt Flash PROM and SRAM for program and data storage.
  • Operator interface : Fully integrated MMI (Man Machine Interface) with all function display 
    and control through PLC.



  • HDPE Pipe & Drip Irrigation

    HDPE Pipe & Drip Irrigation

  • LLDPE Lateral Pipe

    LLDPE Lateral Pipe

  • HDPE PLB Duct Pipe

    HDPE PLB Duct Pipe

  • Lamination Coating

    Lamination Coating

  • Mono-Multi Layer Blown Film Plant

    Mono-Multi Layer Blown Film Plant

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